About Centre Yoga

“I loved the atmosphere of your studio and the instructor of the beginner’s class was helpful and led us through a great workout.” – Happy Student

Centre Yoga Studios

We have worked hard to create an environment where judgments and expectations can be left at the door.  Our studios invite you to come in, let go of what is happening outside of the space and truly connect with what is happening inside your body. Allowing all the benefits of the practice to go beyond just physical. A place you can call home, where you will find support, strength, compassion, understanding where you slow down long enough to find your true self. A place were you can just be present on your mat, express yourself freely, and more importantly let go and have fun.  

We love and respect each and every human being that walks through our doors.  Centre Yoga is not just a yoga studio its a community.  A community that we together have created, where you will find unconditional love, support, and comfort.  Just show up, the rest will come…

– Michelle Powers

Yoga Instructors